Selecting gifts for your near and dear ones is not always an easy task, especially when you have really need to show them how much they mean to you. A readymade gift, no matter how fancy it is, will still lack a personal touch. Imagine two scenarios – first, where you take your partner out for a meal to a restaurant and eat the same dinner that other people are eating. Second, you set up a table on the terrace with candles and flowers and make something special for your beloved. The two of you sit together under the stars and have that meal without being disturbed by others. Which sounds more romantic?

Now that you can feel the difference between the two kinds of experiences, you know what kind of gift you should give to your loved one on a special occasion. This personalised gift does not have to be expensive, just something beautiful and one-of-a-kind. 

Sood Studios can help you create this special, personalised gift. Check out some of our offerings for personalised gifts –

  1. Playing Cards – This is a great gift for Poker or Teen Patti buffs. These cards are special because they will have a photograph of the recipient printed on them. If you are gifting this pack to a friend, you can choose a whacky photo of him or her to add an element of fun to the gift. If you are gifting this to a couple, then get an image of both of them on the deck. 
  2. USB Box – USB Boxes are not actually a gift, but a beautiful packing for a personalised gift. Your USB can have photos, videos or music that you would like to gift, and you could put that USB in a beautiful, customised box with a logo or a photograph of your choice on it. 
  3. Calendars – Calendars don’t have to be boring. You can make them fun by personalising them. Get your favourite photos of the recipient printed on the calendar. Or go a step further and ask the near and dear ones of the recipient to write testimonials for him or her. You can then get the testimonials and the photos printed on the calendar. Sood Studios allows you to choose between wall calendars and table calendars. 
  4. USB Stick – We’ve already told you about our beautiful customised USB boxes in which you can put USBs to gift to your near and dear ones. We also create personalised USBs with names engraved on them! Now that’s taking personalised gifting to a whole new level – personalised content in personalised USB which is packed in a personalised box! You can choose between wooden, metallic, leather and plastic variants. Also, do check out our quirky pen-shaped and lipstick-shaped USB sticks.
  5. Albums – We could not have excluded albums from this list, after all, they allow for a very high level of personalisation. They enable you to tell stories through photographs. You can get beautiful albums made for the purpose of gifting with personalised covers in leather, leatherette, velvet and other materials. 

If you would like to get personalised gifts made for your loved ones, then contact us here

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