When you inquire about wedding albums, you might find that there is a lot of variation in prices between different album makers. It is not necessary that one album maker might be ripping you off while the other might be giving you a heavy discount. But, the two album makers might be selling you entirely different products! So, to avoid this confusion, it would be better if you have prior knowledge of different types of wedding albums. 

Here are the different types of wedding albums –

  1. Matted Albums – In matted albums, each page consists of a stiff cardboard mount, and the photo is inserted and glued into the mount. Very often, there is only one photo on a page, but there may be multiple photos too. Each photo is individually hand-mounted. The mount is slightly raised, so photos do not stick together when the album is closed. These kind of albums are quite durable, and they are the best suited for formal weddings.
  2. Flush Mount Albums – Flush mount albums are more contemporary, and are preferred by many nowadays. In flush mount albums, photos are printed in a borderless manner on the entire page. A page may have a single photo or multiple photos on a hard cover. The quality of the mounts can vary greatly, so make sure you choose mounts in which the photos will not get ruined by sticking to one another, or they have a protect covering on top.
  3. Coffee Table Wedding Albums – Coffee table albums are thick, heavy, hardbound wedding albums. They are quite similar to flush mount albums except that all the photos have distinct borders. These kind of wedding albums are expensive, but they are perfect for displaying on the coffee table and enjoying every now and then with friends and family. 
  4. Gift albums – Gift albums, as the name suggests, are for the purpose of giving as a gift to friends and family. They are smaller versions of the main wedding album, or they may have even fewer pictures than the main wedding album, so they are relatively inexpensive. They can even have a number of small pictures on the same page. They can have a hardcover or a softcover. 

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