Like any other aspect of your wedding, the wedding film is going to need planning, otherwise, you might end up getting something entirely different from what you expected. Wedding films can be edited – you can get the music changed or the shots edited or deleted, but what you can’t get is the wedding shot again if you feel that the shots are not right. Also, if you don’t like the style of the cinematographer and editor, it will be very difficult to get the film revised satisfactorily. Therefore, it is always better to plan well in advance for your wedding film. Here are some tips that you could use for planning your wedding film –

  1. Budget Properly – It is often seen that people allocate money extravagantly to everything – dresses, food, decoration, but not photography and cinematography. This practice is strange because all the other things will perish but the photos and films will stay with you forever. So, why not have a healthy budget for these services as well? Mind you, good cinematographers are those that have good equipment and experience, and they come at a cost. So, don’t be stingy when if you’re looking for a Hollywood-style wedding film.
  2. Do your own research – While hiring a wedding cinematographer, do your own research. Ask for recommendations but don’t just hire a cinematographer because your cousin says that he is the best or most expensive in town. Spend some time looking at the wedding films of different cinematographers because all have their own unique styles of making films. For example, cinematographer A makes fast, peppy films with pop music and cinematographer B makes slow-paced films with romantic instrumental violin for background score. Shortlist the cinematographers whose films you liked. 
  3. Check the equipment of the cinematographer – If you have seen a lot of wedding films, you are likely to have some idea of the kind of shots you want in your wedding film. Discuss these shots with the cinematographer and see if he/she has the right equipment to do these shots. For example, if you want a birds-eye shot of the entire wedding venue, then your cinematographer must have a good drone camera. Similarly, he/she will need different kinds of lenses for other kinds of shots. Even if your cinematographer doesn’t have all the equipment but you like their style and want to hire them, ask them if they will be able to rent the right equipment for your big day. They will charge extra for extra equipment but you will get the kind of wedding film you had envisioned.

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