But, what’s the big deal about boxes? Why should you give so much of thought to boxes for your wedding albums? 

First of all, boxes protect your albums from moisture, sunlight, dust, insects, etc. and secondly, boxes add to the aesthetic beauty of your album. A good box will add to the entire experience of viewing or showing the album. Just imagine, when you show the album to someone else, the person’s anticipation of the experience heightens when the box is beautiful.

At Sood Studios, we have an array of boxes for wedding albums that you will love. Here’s a glimpse of our album boxes –

  1. USB BOX FAW – This simple yet elegant box in olive green colour comes with a 32 GB USB. The box can be personalised by getting a photo of your choice printed on the top. 
  2. Full Bling Album Box – This box is specially designed for full bling albums – albums with a 3D effect. The black coloured box is elegant and sturdy. 
  3. USB BOX LW – This black album box also comes with a 32 GB USB, but instead of having your photograph on the cover, it will have the text of your choice printed on it. 
  4. USB BOX AW – This elegant box in beige colour can also be personalised by having an image of your choice printed on top of the box. The box comes with a 32 GB pen drive for digital photos.
  5. Verde Box – The Verde Box comes in a beautiful navy blue colour. This sturdy box has a band of white on top of the box on which you can get the text of your choice printed.
  6. Leather Bags – We also have sleek and elegant leather bags for albums which are easy to carry. They are available in different colours and sizes.
  7. Overlap Box – As the name suggests, this box has an overlapping design which gives it the 3D effect of a photo frame. The top of the box looks like a photo frame with your photo in it.
  8. DBL Briefcase – This box is one of our bestsellers. The black album looks like a briefcase and you can personalise it by having your image on top of the box. 
  9. Legacy Box – If you appreciate minimalism, then you are going to love this box. It is a sturdy box in black colour with a sleek silver lock. 
  10. Briefcase with Locks – This is a briefcase designed especially for albums. It is simple but practical. The box has locks and a handle which make it safe and easy to carry.

Looking for the perfect album box for your album? You need not go any further. Sood Studios has the aforementioned boxes and many more for your albums. You can check out our entire range of boxes here – https://www.soodstudio.com/category/bags-boxes

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