Want to book a photographer for your wedding but not sure about who to choose? It’s your big day and you deserve nothing but the best. Our suggestion – do your research based on your requirements and budget and shortlist the top 3. Then, arrange to meet with them. In your conversation with them, check out these 5 things –

  1. Originality and Creativity – A great photographer doesn’t just go about copying others’ styles but develops their own. If the photographer is giving you clichéd photo ideas – the ones that have already been used and abused by others, then don’t keep high hopes on them. Each couple has a chemistry different from the others’, and it takes different types of frames to show it in photos. Your wedding photo album will only be as memorable and beautiful as it is unique. 
  2. Patience – A great photographer is patient. They will not just talk about themselves all the time but listen to you carefully to understand your requirements. This patience will also reflect in their work as they will wait for the right time to get the perfect light to do a shot, or they will redo your shots without complaining if you are not satisfied with them. 
  3. Attention to Detail – Closely linked to patience is an eye for detail. Photographers who are patient also generally pay attention to detail. They know how to create magic with the things available to them, instead of going out and looking for elements that will help them make good frames  – a sliver of light coming in from the window, the texture of the wall, a piece of paper or even fallen leaves in the garden, they can pick up seemingly worthless things to create great photos. 
  4. Enthusiasm and Energy – Enthusiasm is of vital importance in wedding photography. Weddings can be long and hectic, and someone who is doing it just for the sake of doing it will not do a very good job at it. An enthusiastic photographer, on the other hand, will try to capture each and every moment of the event. They’ll be willing to go an extra mile to take great shots. They will make sure that they tell your story through photos in the most beautiful way possible. 
  5. People Skills – It’s strange how this skill is often overlooked while selecting photographers. A great photographer knows how to bring the best out of people – they can make people pose without making them feel awkward. They can inspire them to experiment. They can communicate easily what they need from their subjects, and also enable them to do the same in terms of their requirements. So, when choosing a photographer, also notice their people skills. 

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