Flowers, cake and chocolates are fine – you do that every year. But, we have an idea that could make your mom’s birthday really, really special. Give her a gift that’s just one of a kind. But, what would that be? 

A personalised photo album!

Just imagine, she opens up the album, pauses to look at the photo – perhaps, one of you as a child on your first day of school. A smile appears on her face as gets nostalgic and overwhelmed with feelings. She turns the page and there’s another photo of her holding you. The smile reacher her eyes. And then someone in the family starts to tell the story of the photo, and you all burst into laughter because it’s a funny story. What a beautiful day that would be…

Here are some ideas on how you could compile this beautiful album –

  1. Milestones in life – Make an album that celebrates her achievements – her high school yearbook photo, her graduation ceremony, photos from her first job, your birth, her teaching you how to ride a bike, the one of your graduation ceremony and she smiling proudly in the picture – yeah, that’s her achievement too because you wouldn’t have been there without all that she did for you. 
  2. Family Vacations – You could make her a book of all the great times you have had as a family travelling together – your first trip to the beach when your dad carried you on his shoulders, that quiet vacation in the hills where you would all sit by the bonfire and do barbecue, the first international trip you took together as a family. Alongside this, you could also gift her another family vacation to her favourite place.
  3. Year-wise highlights – This one could have the highlights of the perhaps the last 10 years – the 5 most important photographs from each year, and the stories behind them written next to the photo. This would almost be like giving her a book of stories. 
  4. Family Portraits – From the family portraits taken in the studio to candid shots taken on the phone camera – this one can have photos of your father, grandparents, siblings and other family members. Alongside the photos, you could have notes from the people in the photos wishing your mother a happy birthday. 

4 photo albums for 4 birthdays because just one won’t be enough. This photo album will be a gift that your mom will keep close to her heart forever. You could also get a photo book version of the album that you can keep for yourself. 

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