When you go out to get photos printed, your photographer will ask you if you want matte photos or glossy photos. Now, that can be a tough choice to make. But, the purpose of the photos that you are getting printed can help you determine which type of photos to get.

Glossy photos, as the name reveals, have a layer of a glossy substance on them which gives them a shiny look. The paper and the coating used in the photos is the same as matte photos, except that there is an extra layer of coating in those photos which gives them the shine.

Glossy photos are fine when you want to bring out colours in the photos. In fact, they work well when you want to frame family photographs and mount them on walls.

However, the trouble with glossy photos is that they attract glare as light is reflected off them. This is particularly problematic when it comes to bigger photos as more light is reflected off them. So, if you want people to notice details in the photos, then glossy surfaces are not ideal. Also, you have to be very careful while handling glossy photos as fingerprints on them are more visible. The sticky surface of glossy photos also makes it problematic for them to be put behind glass frames as they will stick to the glass.

Matte photos, on the other hand, use a much lesser amount of the shiny coating that glossy photos have, and that is why they might duller in terms of colour when compared to glossy photos. Matte textures are great for photos where you want to emphasize on the detail and not on the vibrancy of colours so much. For example, photos created for artistic purposes should ideally be printed with matte textures. Monochrome photos come out the best on matte textures.

There are many pros in favour of the matte effect. Firstly, they do not reflect as much light as glossy photos do. So, they are ideal for being mounted on the walls next to lamps. Secondly, they do not have sticky surfaces so fingerprints are not as much of a problem as with glossy photos. Thirdly, they are ideal for getting framed too, as their non-sticky surface will ensure that they do not stick to the glass, unlike glossy photos.

On the downside, your photos will not look as bright on matte surfaces as they look on glossy surfaces.

So, how would you like to get your photos printed? Matte or glossy?

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