Creating your first photobook? Congratulations, you are creating something beautiful that will not only bring happiness to you but also help you preserve and share your experiences. It will help you become a storyteller.

Now, creating one’s first photobook can be a daunting task. You’re going to be putting your time, effort and emotions into it (and spending money on it!), and you would not want it to go wrong. So, we are sharing a few tips with you that will make your job easier –

  1. Choose your photos – Now, this step itself is such that we could write a whole blog on it. The first things you could do is weed out all the bad quality and repetitive images. Now, decide the number of photos you want in your photobook. Next, select the images you like from the whole lot. In the first time, you might end up with a lot more photos than you plan to put in your photobook. Weed out photos a second time, a third time or a fourth time if you have to do it. Keep doing this till the time you don’t arrive at the desired number of photos. You can also reset your number if you feel that your photo book has many or too few photos.
  • Plan the layouts – Planning layouts is very important as it helps you tell your story better. Also, it is an important exercise if you have a fixed number of pages for your photo book. Do not put too many images on one page, as the page will look crowded. Also, the individual appeal of the photos will be lost in the crowd. A single photo on a page is a good idea, but if you have a lot of photos in your photo book, then it will get bulky. What you could do is, have a mix of layouts. For example, your 10 or 20 most important photos could have entire spreads to themselves. The slightly less important photos could be two on a page. And the remaining ones could be 3 on a page. This way, you’ll also be able to draw attention to the most aspects of your story.
  • Plan your story – Now, this part is slightly more challenging than the others but really fun at the same time – the storytelling. You could tell your story in a chronological manner (the most common!), or you could experiment. For example, if you are creating a photo album of the last vacation you took together, then you could create groups of photos. E.g. Mom’s OOTDs, Things we ate, Brother Making Faces, etc.

With these 3 steps done successfully, the rest of the work should be easy. All the best!

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