Photo albums bring great joy, but with great joy comes great responsibility. If you love your photo albums and want them to last, then you will have to take good care of them too. You have to be careful about how to store them and handle them so that they are preserved for generations to come. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your albums –

  1. The optimum temperature for storing albums – Make sure you store them in a cool place. High temperature can cause the paper on which photos are printed to become brittle, and the adhesive with which the photos have been attached to melt, thereby damaging the album. The ideal temperature range in which photos can be stored safely is between 55° and 95° F.
  2. Optimum moisture level for storing albums – Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of photo albums. Humidity will encourage the growth of moulds on the album -especially on velvet and leather covers, and in between pages too. Humidity will also cause the photos to stick to the plastic lamination if there is any. The ideal level of humidity for storing photos is 5% and 60%.
  3. Keep away from direct sunlight – Photos should be kept away from direct sunlight. The heat and harmful UV rays from sunlight are not good for the health of albums. 

As mentioned above, heat will damage the pages and the adhesive and the sharp light can cause the images to fade. 

  • Clean the album properly – Firstly, try to store the album in a closed box where it does not gather much dust. But if it gathers dust, then clean it using a soft, dry cloth. If a dry cloth is not working, then use a damp cloth for cleaning the cover, but make sure the images do not come in contact with any water. Also, ensure that the album is absolutely dry when you put in back in storage.
  • Using the album – While seeing the album, turn the pages gently. Do not tug or pull at the pages. Also, make sure that your hands are clean, non-lotioned and sweat-free while you are handling the album. Be careful with your fingernails while turning photos. Take care to not put the album on wet surfaces or dirty surfaces. Make sure you store the album in a safe place – like a locked cabinet or a closet, where it is safe from mites and rodents.  

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